Sound of Metal: the armor of sound

CRITICAL – Oscar nominated Riz Ahmed plays a drummer going deaf. An immersive and bluffing sensory camera.

“Le silence is the most powerful statement ”, Riz Ahmed warns. In Sound of Metal, the first feature film by Darius Marder unveiled at the Deauville Festival, the British of Pakistani origin makes the shattering demonstration. Pyroxid hair, woody body covered with tattoos, he plays Ruben, the drummer of a metal band who travels the United States with his fiancée and singer, Lou. Success seems close at hand when Ruben develops a sudden hearing loss. The doctors are categorical: it will become total. On the pleas of Lou and his sponsor, the former drug addict was admitted to Joe’s deaf rehabilitation center (Paul Raci, theater veteran raised by deaf parents) to avoid any relapse and prepare for the inevitable. .

The viewer begins a sensory and immersive odyssey in a world of muffled and sizzling sounds. The wonderful work – Oscar for best sound – by Nicolas Becker and his team who dare

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