Songbird surfs third wave of Covid with script written in three days

On tour this summer through the empty streets of Los Angeles, the latest production from director Michael Bay Transformers, imagine a world that emerges from years of confinement.

While the shadow of a new confinement hangs over France, Songbird , a film shot this summer in the deserted streets, Covid obliges, of Los Angeles, landed on our screens on December 11. Produced by Michael Bay (Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, the saga transformers) and directed by Adam Mason (The Devil’s Chair: La Chaise du mal), this pandemic thriller tells the story of Sara (played by Sofia Carson) and Nico (KJ Apa), two young lovers separated by health restrictions in a world ravaged by four years of confinement. As a symbol of the changing times, the film cut for theaters is available only on Netflix, due to the health crisis.

In this dystopia written in “three days“, According to its director, the Covid-23 has mutated and now kills half of those infected. As soon as they are contaminated, they are placed in huge quarantine camps, all against a background of general paranoia. Immune against the disease, Nico will have to try to save Sara, destined to join one of them.

To embody this scenario which smacks of opportunism, we find, in addition to the two heroes, the humorist Graig Garrsion, the interpreter of Gaear Grimsrud in Fargo, Peter Stormare, Demi Moore and Alexandra Daddario.

An enticing cast which however had to face. The Screen Actors Guild Federation of Television and Radio Artists, one of the largest actors’ unions, called on its members to boycott the film. The instance accused the teams of Michael Bay of not being sufficiently transparent about the sanitary conditions during the filming. With Mission Impossible 7 , Songbird is thus a pioneer in the Hollywood machine, arrested nearly a year because of the pandemic and forced to reinvent itself in this troubled period.


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