Some associations want to make the Nutri-Score compulsory in Europe. This is why they will struggle

It is a logo that most French consumers are familiar with and which could soon make the tour of Europe: the Nutri-Score is this logo formed of letters (from “A” to “E”) and color (from green to red), depending on the content of fats, saturated fatty acids, carbohydrates, sugars, proteins and salt contained in 100 grams of product. Nearly 80 manufacturers and distributors (Fleury Michon, Bonduelle, Danone, William Saurin, etc.) have agreed to place it on their product lines, which represents between 20 and 30% of the foodstuffs available in French supermarkets.

Nutri-Score has, for Mr. and Mrs. Everyone, an immense merit: clarity. It is even so clear that six European associations, including the UFC-Que Choisir in France, are launching a petition this Monday, May 20 to make it compulsory throughout the European Union.

A good idea, undoubtedly, for public health when we know the major role of industrial food in the appearance of so-called “civilization” diseases (cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular …). But who may have a hard time winning.

How junk food promotes depression

Because even in the country which gave it birth, France, the Nutri-Score has never been made compulsory. And when we look at its history, it is not a long quiet river! It was imposed only after a fierce struggle against the lobbies of the agro-industry.

A little too bright

The Nutri-Score is indeed

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