«solutions by stc» provides a variety of cloud packages

“solutions by stc” has enhanced its solutions for cloud services, by providing a variety of cost-effective advanced cloud packages, which aim to provide seamless connectivity, enhance the productivity of small and medium enterprises owners, and provide a fertile work environment for the growth and prosperity of start-ups in Kuwait.

The company stated that switchboard cloud solutions are offered through a variety of packages that are specifically designed to meet the needs of local small and medium companies (SMEs) and by providing advanced cloud switchboard solutions, stressing its quest to confirm its support and long-term commitment to supporting local small and medium companies, to help them To develop and expand its business to greater levels and to meet all the needs of its customers.

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It indicated that the service provides freedom of movement in the service location between offices, branches, home offices and mobile kiosks in the complexes.

“solutions by stc” indicated that the switchboard’s cloud solutions offer flexible plans for its range of services, which include direct dial numbers (DID) and basic or advanced phones, and that customers can also obtain licenses for simultaneous calls while customizing their plans to suit their diverse needs, pointing out that they can For the customer to add or remove services in accordance with the need of his business.

She stated that the switchboard’s cloud solutions offer a range of features, including fax and voice mail services, phone email integration, conference calls, text messages, and others. Call forwarding, assigning direct numbers, search groups and more.

It added that it provides, with its cloud switching solutions, many fixed switchboard solutions to move the customer’s communication experience to greater heights and high efficiency, in addition to packages that can be customized to suit each client’s requirements.

She stated that in order to provide a seamless experience for its customers, cloud-based solutions require minimal investment and cost compared to a traditional switchboard system, while offering a range of options to enhance business efficiency.

The company explained that the innovative system can also be easily deployed and supported by a support network consisting of several first-class partners, with the aim of providing customers with a comprehensive and smooth experience, revealing that it has allocated a team of customer support experts to advise them on the most appropriate packages that suit their needs, while providing a range of Technical and after-sales support services to ensure continuous maintenance and continuity of integrated systems.

Solutions by stc affirmed its commitment to meet and support the needs of start-ups and local SMEs, by providing flexible, scalable, guaranteed and reliable solutions and services that demonstrate the strength of stc’s 5G network and integrated ICT solutions that meet their business needs and are in line with Kuwait Vision 2035. for digital transformation.

Solutions by stc explained that in line with its strategy to provide integrated business solutions, it has taken great strides to provide new products that meet the needs of a growing and diversified customer base, including a range of communication solutions such as fixed or wireless services, 5G networks led by stc, in addition to ICT, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and other IT products and services.

The company emphasized that it will continue to provide pioneering technology-enabled solutions based on the latest innovations in this digital age, to serve as the preferred gateway to its customers through digital transformation.

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