“solutions by stc” launches the “Quick Pay” channel

Solutions by stc, the arm of the Kuwait Telecom Company (stc), which specializes in providing corporate services, has launched its new digital channel, “Quick Pay”, designed specifically for corporate customers.

The launch of the new payment channel is in line with the company’s strategy to enable digital transformation and raise the quality of services available to this sector, as “solutions by stc” revealed that the digital express payment channel will allow corporate customers to pay all their bills under one roof.

Nawaf Al-Gharabally

The launch of the new digital payment channel aims to simplify the bill payment process for customers, through a reliable payment channel that covers the full range of solutions and services provided by “solutions by stc” without the need for customers to log in.

“solutions by stc” stated that the express payment channel is easily accessible via (www.stc.com.kw/business/ar), which saves customers trouble, pointing out that it allows customers to pay the full bill or pay part of it, With the option to pay for a number of lines at the same time.

She revealed that the new digital payment channel has the feature of adjusting the amount to be paid, payment according to the type of contract, and the option to copy or share the payment link via the WhatsApp application, SMS or email.

Solutions by stc explained that the new digital payment channel will be available to all existing B2B corporate customers, and will be available on all business sector products and services.

This step comes as part of “solutions by stc” plans to enhance the digital experience of its customers, and in line with its digital transformation strategy, as the new digital payment channel will contribute to the development of the payment process for “B2B” corporate customers, by paying bills directly online and tracking payments that have been made. repaid it.

Solutions by stc confirmed that it is always keen to develop and expand its digital services and the services of its website, and that it provides customers with new and distinctive services, indicating that the new digital payment channel is in line with the needs of its customers and saves them a lot of time, and makes its digital services easy and simple.

Solutions by stc has taken great steps to provide new products and services that meet the needs of its growing and diverse customer base, including cloud services, communication solutions, fixed or wireless services, technology that supports 5G networks led by stc, information and communication technology, and the Internet. objects, artificial intelligence, as well as other IT products and services.

Solutions by stc affirmed that it will continue to explore new technologies and platforms that will effectively enhance the daily activities of organizations in various sectors, stressing that it is committed and keen to meet the needs of emerging companies, small and medium-sized companies and large organizations.

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