“solutions by stc” launches “DaaS” with “Virganet”

“solutions by stc”, the arm of the Kuwaiti Telecom Company “stc”, which specializes in providing corporate services, has entered into a partnership with “Virganet”, a company specialized in cloud services, with the aim of enabling companies and various other organizations to provide virtual desktops based on cloud services to any device and from anywhere.

This initiative is in line with the “solutions by stc” vision, to provide B2B corporate customers with an extended set of innovative products and services, especially small and medium-sized companies, to help them return to their operational activity, and continue in the post-Corona pandemic phase, while providing existing companies In the local market with the latest technologies and innovations presented in the digital world.

Mohammed Al Rashidi

“solutions by stc” indicated that providing a “DaaS” solution, in cooperation with “Virganet”, aims to support local small and medium-sized companies, banks and other companies in Kuwait, to secure their data and explore a set of effective additional features at competitive prices.

The solution is equipped with artificial intelligence technology that contributes to enhancing productivity in various organizational structures, by simplifying operations, improving workflow and reducing expenses to enhance operational performance and support business.

This innovative solution is provided by a dedicated team of experts who specialize in providing guidance and assistance throughout the setup process, as well as addressing any technical issues or difficulties related to the service.

The data service “DaaS” is easy to operate, which contributes to its application to various business models with ease, as well as protecting data while taking advantage of the full features of the platform.

The solution was designed with a customer-centric approach that contributes to providing a distinct user experience, while meeting various needs, and the first of its kind “DaaS” to be offered in the local market, is compatible with many of the solutions currently offered by “solutions by stc”, which are characterized by scalability. Use in various types of companies of all sizes, to take advantage of the potential of remote work and seamless access to information, especially given the current situation in light of the ongoing pandemic.

The company explained that since the service provides a virtual desktop infrastructure hosted on cloud platforms, this solution will enhance the ability to deliver a high level of performance to users on any device in a matter of minutes.

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