“solutions by stc” is the partner of “PASS” to provide advanced parking management solutions

Solutions by stc revealed its partnership with advanced parking management solutions provider PASS, to provide solutions for companies specialized in this sector.

“Solutions by stc” stated in a statement that the new partnership will help enhance its digital production line as it enters a new sector in the market, pointing out that parking management solutions in themselves are a new sector in the market, as “PASS” had a leading role. At the local level in providing such services with a proven track record of achievements.

“Solutions by stc” added that through this cooperation, it will become the exclusive provider of this innovative technology to the business and commercial sectors on behalf of “PASS”, while providing additional services to support small and medium-sized companies in adopting this solution, to be added to the package of solutions offered by “stc”. in the business sector with the aim of diversifying its portfolio of offerings of services and products, and supporting its range of services in the market, by providing customers with customized solutions based on their diverse requirements.

“Solutions by stc” indicated that the new service integrates a smart parking solution with many technologies, to enhance the digital transformation of users when entering and exiting car parks.

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) device enables the activation of the smart parking mechanism by using optical character recognition to read vehicle license plates and store data on all vehicle movements in and out of the parking lot.

The company indicated that the smart parking solution was designed to become the ideal solution for both employees and employers, allowing to track all information related to parking.

And she stated that through the “subscription system”, employers will be able to efficiently manage parking spaces, while eliminating the use of parking tickets, cash payment, or any unnecessary human interaction, as this feature helps to track all contacts associated with entry and exit. from the parking building, which is a valuable feature given the ongoing pandemic and trends related to social distancing.

The “Advance Reservation” feature is another feature included in the application that allows users to pre-book a parking space in advance, before reaching the parking building.

The company stated that in the event that users are unable to reserve a specific place, a vacant place will be allocated nearby, while continuing to save valuable time during crowded times.

Through the use of modern and innovative technological solutions, the company provides a wide range of offerings to corporate clients, assisting them in their digital transformation journey, and applies the design thinking approach while collaborating with market leaders to provide its clients with effective tools that can enhance operational efficiency.

Solutions by stc also offers a range of connectivity solutions, fixed or wireless services, 5G technology, information and communications technology, the Internet of Things, and information technology products and services.

The company also launched “5G LIVEBUS” technology, a safe and smart bus solution supported by the fifth generation network connection, to provide a safe and comfortable means of transportation for passengers.

proven track record

Solutions by stc expressed its pride in partnering with the advanced parking management solutions provider PASS, due to its proven track record of implementing smart parking solutions in the local market.

This partnership falls within the multiple packages of offers and services that “solutions by stc” is committed to providing, to enable digital transformation across various operational sectors, as it indicated that it owes its customers and local companies to provide new technology, to enhance the user experience and his journey towards leadership, while providing modern solutions to accelerate the path of Digital transformation.

She emphasized continuing to explore new alternative ways to apply digital and technical concepts, which can significantly enhance the efficiency and productivity of existing activities, explaining that her goal, with its entry into the digital age, is to keep pace with the rapidly developing world of technology and to become an integrated portal to provide innovative and renewable services to customers.

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