“solutions by stc” hosts a virtual event on “Cisco” technology

“solutions by stc” hosted the specialized virtual event on “Cisco” technology, to present the latest developments on “Cisco SD-WAN” software for wide area networks and “Meraki” solutions.

The company pointed out that this event comes against the background of recently obtaining the “Premier” certificate, as a certified partner to provide all Cisco solutions to its customer base in the market.

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The virtual event, which was attended by a distinguished and huge presence, covered various details of “SD-WAN by Cisco”, an architecture that uses Software Defined Networking (SDN) to transmit data over large geographical distances, facilitate direct traffic and improve public connectivity.

Cisco provides a complete SD-WAN network with centralized management and built-in security, which contributes to creating a secure WAN architecture, with a data center and multiple cloud applications.

General Manager of Sales and Accounts at “solutions by stc”, Mashari Al Hamad, highlighted the “MX” devices designed to create an elegant framework for a network

Cisco SD-WAN, powered by Meraki, to securely provide IPsec VPN tunnels between sites.

The virtual event enumerated the benefits of Cisco SD-WAN adoption, which include cost savings through proper and comprehensive implementation, improved application experience, enhanced security, and other benefits that serve the enterprise sector.

“solutions by stc” indicated that the “Premier” certificate it obtained from Cisco will positively reflect on customers who seek to accelerate their digital transformation journey, as the new partnership that was recently formed will provide the opportunity to enhance its product line. With Cisco’s wide and varied range of services.

The company added that this step comes within the framework of its vision to provide comprehensive solutions and services targeting the Kuwaiti market, so that Cisco plays a major role in achieving this success. and data center solutions, and integrated business solutions.

“solutions by stc” offers a range of connectivity options, including fixed or wireless services, information and communication technology, the Internet of things and information technology products and services, and has launched “5G LIVEBUS”, a safe and smart bus solution supported by the fifth generation connection, to provide a safe and convenient means of transportation. for passengers.

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