“solutions by stc” and “Datomcon” bring the “Internet of Eyes” to Kuwait

Solutions by stc, the arm of the Kuwait Telecom Company (stc), which specializes in providing corporate services, announced its new partnership with Datomcon, the Gulf company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) and data science, with the aim of bringing the advantages of video and visual analytics supported by ICT technologies. Artificial intelligence to companies in Kuwait.

She stated that through this partnership, the two companies are uniting efforts to provide the “INSIGHT AI” computer vision program, owned by “Datomcon”, to customers from institutions and small and medium-sized companies in Kuwait, where the smart program works to analyze video and image scenes securely based on artificial intelligence technologies. , to perform complex results-based computer vision tasks, in real time.

The company explained that as a sub-field of artificial intelligence, computer vision is one of the most influential areas in applied artificial intelligence, as it enables systems and computers to understand and assimilate a scene to extract meaningful information from digital images, videos and other visual inputs, and by taking advantage of learning. With robotics and artificial intelligence, computer vision is able to take actions or make recommendations based on that information.

For his part, General Manager of Sales and Accounts Department at “solutions by stc”, Meshari Al-Hamad said, “The remarkable growth in companies’ use of cameras has created tremendous opportunities in capturing, analyzing and interpreting the large amounts of visual data that are generated daily, and our close cooperation with ( DatomCon) now delivers a high-level, advanced video analytics service that delivers tangible business results and business impact.”

He pointed out that, according to reports concerned with this industry, the number of surveillance cameras that will be installed around the world this year is close to one billion cameras, and these reports expect the continuation of the tremendous growth in their spread in the foreseeable future, while the amazing amount of video footage produced by these cameras raises the question about How to analyze it all and take advantage of it.

He pointed out that the possible applications of video analytics are wide and varied, but the reality indicates that the vast majority of the visual data available in any organization is not used, and here lies the efficiency of analytics and programs supported by artificial intelligence in providing efficient and cost-effective solutions.

He pointed out that similar to the Internet of Things (IoT), the “Internet of Eyes” is a network of cameras and visual sensors connected via the Internet, which allows the secure exchange and collection of visual data on a previously unimaginable scale, explaining that many experts They think this will likely be greater – in terms of scale and impact – than the Internet of Things.

Al Hamad added, “Solutions by stc is proud to be the first and only ICT provider to launch this type of service in the Kuwaiti market, increasing the size of our growing portfolio of solutions to help companies thrive in the digital age.”

He stressed that this newly formed cooperation aims to accelerate the adoption of “internet of eyes” in Kuwait by making this advanced and rapidly growing technology more attractive, and it comes as a continuation of the strategic direction adopted by “solutions by stc” with regard to providing its customers with the latest and most innovative innovations. Safe to support their digital transformation.

The service provides companies with clear insights into the state of their business, which contributes to improving profitability, ensuring optimal use of resources, and creating competitive advantages that enable them to keep pace with the rapid changes taking place in various markets and business sectors today.

“We are excited to work closely with (solutions by stc) in order to create new added value and achieve tangible results that serve the goals of organizations of all sizes across various sectors in Kuwait,” said Radwan Al-Jumaa, managing partner at Datumcon. INSIGHT AI is a powerful platform that enables companies and solution providers to create and deliver highly customizable video analytics, able to meet unique needs across a wide range of business environments.”

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