Soft skills that ensure you succeed in life

New Delhi, November 24

Soft skills are attributes that can either make or break an individual from all walks of life. A person’s manners and attitude towards people and situations is an extension of their personality. How you present yourself in front of the world matters a lot, especially when you are stepping into corporate culture.

It is an ongoing debate since the inception of the universe whether hard skills trump soft skills or vice versa. The torchbearers of both sides present fierce arguments to prove a point but a third person’s take is extremely neutral on this. Not to avoid any sort of conflict, but to take a very clear stand in this ongoing debate that will never be settled.

Maddie Amrutkar, CEO and Founder of Glad U Came says, “I come from the school of thought that you need to take everyone along with you when you are trying to build an empire. No one person can do it all. One man army concept doesn’t work in our sector.” For instance, a fisherman has the knowledge of catching the fish using the bait but what good is his catch when he can’t sell the product to the vendors? And what will happen to the product if the vendors are unable to see it ahead of shops or restaurants?

From hiring to promoting an employee in the organisation, these soft skills play a vital role in the employer’s decision. Taking initiative, being a team player, your approach towards a problem, being solution-oriented and much more, all contribute towards the employer’s decision. It will be safe to say that it is only you who can sail or sink your own ship in this ocean of cut-throat competition.

1. Good communication is the most basic soft skill of all. Effective communication with coworkers and clients can help in networking and business development. Being a good presenter along with being a good listener, negotiator and writer to convey things are vital when it comes to communication.

2. Possessing leadership qualities along with being a team player can help your standing in the organisation. No one likes to be dominated so although you are in an authoritative position it is important to maintain a cordial relationship with everyone.

3. Dedication towards getting the work done And knowing how and when to delegate it also plays a huge role in how well and fast you would move upwards in the organization and in life in general. Give credit where credit is due, take help when you are in need and maintain an open and proper line of communication with one and all.

4. Having a positive attitude Irspective of the situation can take you miles ahead of your peers. Getting derailed or agitated during adverse situations will cloud your judgment and send you into a downward spiral. Maintaining your cool during turbulent times and keeping a positive mindset will help you tackle the problems in a better way. Also, being respectful towards people’s opinions and showing enthusiasm for new things will make you a more likeable person.

5. Lastly, have patience no matter what. In both the workplace and in life, losing your cool will never put you in a good light. People tend to make impulsive decisions when they lose their patience and eventually land them in a puddle. Avoid doing that, and always keep a calm approach towards people and situations. Different things require different approaches but one thing common in all of them is you being a level headed individual.

On the ending note, Maddie Amrutkar says, “On a personal level, I’m inclined towards soft skills as it is more about a person’s character and individuality. These mantras in life have helped me grow as an individual and help me make my agency grow with the dream team I have in place. A person might have multiple degrees but what good are they when they have zero clue about how to use that knowledge. Also, in our line of work, maintaining strong relationships outside the organization is as important as the oxygen we breathe.” IANS

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