Social media accounts, the latest job and travel requirements

Many job agencies and travel destinations have recently relied on new ways to find out information about the personalities and opinions of job applicants or travelers to some countries, including requesting personal accounts on social networking sites, which raised many questions about the importance of this procedure in evaluating applicants or travelers to some countries. Including the United States, the United Kingdom, and others.

main condition

Employers use social media as a valuable tool for sourcing and recruiting potential candidates. Social networking allows organizations to build their brand and employment awareness, broaden and deepen their network, target top talent in a large pool, and improve the effectiveness of their recruitment efforts, as well as setting terms By a number of countries to obtain a visa, by placing the “Social Media Accounts” box, and requiring their validity to ensure the completion of the visa application.


Social researcher Saud Al-Dosari stated that such procedures, which seem illogical to some, today constitute a measure for many parties, to know the interests, opinions and beliefs of the person applying for a specific job or wishing to travel, as his account is analyzed by specialists in the field of digital technology, in order to Knowing some details about the activity and interests of the account in general, and this type of analysis is often issued by some embassies interested in knowing enough information about the traveler to their country. This comes under the protection of state security from some extremist and terrorist minds. As for some jobs, there are many agencies that are keen to know the communication accounts of applicants for specific jobs related to the media, technical or marketing fields, in order to know the interests of the applicant for the job, by looking at his way of presenting the content, and choosing different topics.

Attracting employers

Noura Al-Amer confirmed that during the past years, she had been publishing her electronic design work through her own account, which helped her find jobs in the same field, and share her work with many marketing and media agencies, explaining that personal content on social media helps to know a large part of the interests of It also facilitates the understanding of people’s talents and passions by the competent authorities, which opens them up to diversify their professional specializations on the job.

different designs

Abdullah Al-Zoubi stated that his social media accounts were the reason for the admiration of an employee of the embassy of one of the European countries while obtaining a travel visa for another country, as his accounts specialize in designs for international commercial advertisements for many different car companies. Al-Zoubi stressed that social media accounts in many countries are a very important criterion in identifying people, especially active accounts that have been open for years, noting that there are many parties who may suspect dormant account holders, which may prompt them to check in detail the information. the person.


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