So what do the ecologists have?

Flipping through the magazine Organic crops, distributed by the Biocoop brand, I tell myself that there is something odd about the photos, without being able to say exactly what. So I come back to the first page and leaf through. And then, all of a sudden, it clicks in my brain: all men, without exception, are bearded. The guy who illustrates an article on breath and meditation: bearded. The goat and sheep breeder who makes organic cheese in Maulévrier: bearded. The manager of the Biocoop store in Nevers: bearded. The manager of the Biocoop store in Bréal-sous-Montfort: bearded. The two managers of the Biocoop store in Paris 10e : bearded. The organic beekeeper from Allières: bearded. Carla-Bayle’s organic market gardener: bearded. The two co-managers of the Le Coing bio store in Foix: bearded. The guy who advertises Krounchy organic cereals: bearded. The beekeeper who advertises Mielizia organic Italian honey: bearded. Either: 100% bearded. Including in the culture pages: the singers and musicians of the group Feu! Chatterton: bearded and / or mustache. It feels like a ’70s homecoming revival special Larzac, where all the neo-murals (hippies, hash smokers, communities and company – hello clichés) were furiously bearded. Hence my question: do you have to be bearded to be 100% organic eco-friendly? I note that the fresh green candidate, Yannick Jadot, is completely hairless. Watch out, Yannick! In my opinion, you take risks!


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