Smoking makes you cough, Quentin Dupieux makes you laugh

CRITICAL – The director of Mandibles and Incredible But True is already back with a schoolboy, funny and nightmarish sketch film.

Some movie stars have a sense of self-mockery. They rush to shoot with Quentin Dupieux, troublemaker of comedy made in France. Jean Dujardin as a serial killer fetishist (The deer ), Grégoire Ludig and David Marsais as idiot giant fly tamers (mandibles ), or Benoît Magimel as a manly boss decked out in an electronic penis (Incredible but true ), the actors grow out of so much baseness. This is still the case in Smoking makes you cough.

Dupieux brings together a dream cast in the service of Tabac Force, a team of non-smokers in blue suits worthy of the Power Rangers who fight against the forces of evil. Vincent Lacoste (ridiculous bowl cut), Gilles Lellouche (grotesque goatee), Jean-Pascal Zadi (afro cut and surreal natural teeth), Anaïs Demoustier (alias “Nicotine”) and Oulaya Amamra (alias “Ammonia”) carry out the missions that give them chef Didier, a puppet of a drooling rat and hot rabbit (with the voice of Alain Chabat) who commands from his…

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