“Smart Tracking” sets the pace of work in the Red Sea Project

The Red Sea Development Company is working on implementing a comprehensive safety solution using the “Internet of Things” to monitor the efforts of the workforce in development and construction projects and to track the fleet of vehicles as they move around the project site on the western coast of the Kingdom, in cooperation with the most successful companies in this field.

The technology relies on the “smart tracking” system through the LoRaWAN® network infrastructure provided by a world leader in IoT services, as well as on the smart identification badges and wireless tracking solutions provided by a company specializing in geolocation with low-energy mechanisms.

The smart technology solutions adopted will target four main aspects of the construction and development area of ​​the project, which are:

Construction site security

Safety of workers

Mobility Control

Efficiency of construction operations

The CEO of The Red Sea Development Company, John Pagano, said that the advanced IoT platform and innovative geolocation technology help meet the highest international standards of health, safety and sustainability, and will play an important role in ensuring the well-being of our workers.

He explained that the company will provide the IoT required to implement the project by creating and rolling out the LoRaWAN® network over an area of ​​more than 3500 km², using the ThingPark wireless IoT platform, smart identification badges for 36,000 construction workers, and the combined Abeeway tracking devices for nearly 3,000 vehicles to ensure safety and security.

“Pagano” stated that IoT solutions and the resulting innovations will locate workers and vehicles, control access to construction sites and prevent unauthorized individuals and vehicles from crossing those areas. Entry permits will be granted based on specific criteria and this will be done by remote locating vehicles. Determining borders and geographical locations and ensuring sending alerts of any violations related to violations of those who do not have permits. Workers will also be able, through the “emergency alert” technology, to report any emergency cases directly to the Emergency Response and Security Center of the Red Sea Development Company, to ensure that response teams are sent directly to the site of the worker to rescue him. .


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