Smart coating monitors human health

A group of scientists has developed a smart coating that can be applied to the body to monitor body temperature, oxygen levels in the blood, and other vital signs.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, scientists from the University of Pennsylvania have faced the issue of heat by adding a layer made of polyvinyl alcohol paste, which is similar to the materials for exfoliating face masks and calcium carbonate, found in egg shells.

The smart metallic paint is applied to the skin simply before drying it with a hair dryer, to monitor vital signs throughout the day without disrupting the user’s life, and when enough data is collected and the diagnosis is completed, it can be washed in the sink using hot water.

“It can be recycled, because removing it does not damage the sensors, and most importantly, it does not harm the skin,” said lead author Larry Cheng, from the Material Research Institute in Pennsylvania, noting that “this device can be used in the diagnostic process without Add to the burden of patients or harm the environment ».

Doctors indicated that the new design will be a major improvement over the current wearable devices, which require annoying batteries, and stop using due to the need for recharging, as the smart coating does not require a battery, but rather draws its energy from the movement of the body’s muscles.


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