Sleeve gastrectomy is a risk that causes complications for women

Therapeutic nutritionist, Dr. Nayfeh Al-Nasser, warned of the damages associated with gastric sleeve operations on women’s health, various complications at the level of pregnancy and childbirth, physical and hormonal changes, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which go beyond the psychological damage that may affect women as a result of the appearance of sagging that affects their appearance. General, stressing that the blind rush towards these operations without obtaining prior medical consultations, from specialists in therapeutic nutrition, obstetrics and gynecology, leads to dire consequences.

Multiple complications

Al-Nasser revealed that gastric sleeve operations are among the operations that are accompanied by multiple complications, some of which are dangerous, and that their implementation should be limited to the narrowest scopes, and in specific cases, after obtaining medical advice from specialists. She explained that many women notice different changes after sleeve gastrectomy, whether at the physical or hormonal levels, and that some of these changes may be rapid, while others are long-term.

slack and relax

Al-Nasser said that one of the problems that many women overlook when performing sleeve gastrectomy operations is their physical appearance after the operation, as the muscles of their body are affected. The process also causes the breakdown of the “collagen” and “elastin” fibers responsible for giving the skin and abdomen, which is more prone to sagging, its tight appearance. She explained: “It also leads to a relaxation in the uterus,” indicating that adjusting this requires a long time, which may expose many of them to psychological problems as a result of not accepting the new appearance.

expert opinion

“Al-Nasser” warned women against undertaking gastric sleeve operations based on the opinion of the specialist surgeon without obtaining a specialized opinion in nutrition, indicating that it is necessary before the sleeve gastrectomy to go to a nutritionist, to know the needs of the body, and to draw up a diet to be followed before the operation, to form a sufficient reserve. It is strong in iron, minerals, and muscle mass in women, to avoid common sleeve gastric complications, in addition to drawing a nutritional course in order to support the body’s protein needs, balance fluids in the body, and raise immunity.

Postponing pregnancy

The therapeutic nutritionist confirmed that the neglect of women to take vitamins and protein after the surgery leads to the emergence of these complications, warning women after sleeve gastrectomy not to think about pregnancy, because of the danger of this to the health of the woman and the fetus, until her weight and physical health stabilize.

hormonal disorders

The therapeutic dietitian indicated that one of the disorders that appear after sleeve gastrectomy in many women is menstrual disorders, which is normal after any surgery, as her body is exposed to shock and effort, which leads to the emergence of these disorders, in addition to her exposure to disorders after sleeve gastrectomy. Hormones as a result of not eating, and rapid weight loss after the operation, which affects the rhythm of those hormones that are affected by the amount of fat and calories in the body.


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