Six most sought after IT skills to master

Siddharth Chaturvedi

Technology has become synonymous with human evolution; every generation is an upgraded version of the previous one. Information Technology has created possibilities that the previous generation could hardly dream of back in the pre-digital age. In a world full of technology up-gradation, it becomes imperative for students to ace IT skills that can get them an extra edge and their existing skills. Because of this continuous progression, skill development has become paramount in the traditional theoretical course curriculum. Listed below are the most desired six IT skills students should get their hand on in the next few years.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a simulation of human behavior in machines wherein the machines mimic human actions. Some specific artificial intelligence applications include expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition and machine vision. Snapchat filter, QR codes, face recognition, smart assistants and self-driving cars are some of the most basic functions that artificial intelligence makes possible. The scope of artificial intelligence is expanding because of its holistic approach and application in various sectors like healthcare, transport, security, education, and the list is endless. Since automation is increasing on an everyday basis, the need for AI is on the rise. Thus it makes beneficial IT skill to master for students. Such technologies, if applied to the Indian context, can help the rural societies at different levels.

VR and AR

Statistics show that Virtual reality and Augmented Reality are expected to grow by $209.2 billion by 2022. Augmented reality is the superimposition of computer images into the real-time environment of the user. Virtual reality is a three-dimensional simulated environment digitally created through advanced computer technology. These technologies present a digitally created experience for the user. Professionals have been trying to integrate AR and VR with various sectors like education, transport, audio-visual, industrial design, manufacturing processes, construction, fashion and social media. With time, the demand and applications of VR are diversifying every day, which makes it yet another skill to skyrocket in the upcoming decade.


The journey of the internet from Web 1.0 to Web 6.0 has been incredible. With the up-gradation of the internet, the risk of data exposure has become a significant global concern. Data theft has become the most dreaded crime of our times, and this is where cybersecurity comes to the rescue. Cybersecurity is a combination of processes, technologies, and practices specifically designed to protect computers, servers, mobile phones, electronic devices, networks, etc. It prevents data theft and potential cyber-crimes. The alarming numbers of theft and manipulation of data have given rise to cyber security’s immense potential as an IT skill, especially in the next decade.

Data Analysis

Data Analytics is the study of raw data using technology to conclude new information. Several techniques employed in data analysis involve mechanical processes and algorithms specifically designed to process raw data for human understanding. Products will be created after analysing data, which will clarify consumer preferences, trends, and market sustainability before the product launch. Soon, data analysis will help not only giant corporations but also SMEs and small businesses. Therefore, the demand for data science as an IT skill is increasing by every minute.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing delivers services through the internet like varied databases, networks, servers, data storage and different software. The pandemic made a significant change in our professional lives through inoculating remote working culture in us. Several organizations have embraced this new working culture in the long run. Therefore, the new work ethic demand technologies like cloud computing will make data available to all without the hassle resulting in efficient working.

Internet of Things

Information technology has changed our life to an extent where we can switch off our living room lights sitting miles away with a touch of a finger. The Internet of Things has empowered us with such advanced technologies. For the record, the Internet of Things is a system of interrelated computing, mechanical and digital devices connected with the internet which can control its functioning. The Internet of Things will change the dependency of humans on technology, especially in the workplace. With the increasing demand for automation, the Internet of Things has become the next big thing in the digital domain. The need for such control makes this IT skill an endearing one.

IT has changed the human lifestyle beyond measure. Therefore, the current scenario demands professionals with apt IT skills to innovate technology. Skill development plays a significant role in meeting the demand for IT skills that the upcoming years will witness. If the rural and semi-urban population masters the required IT skills in a country like India, the growth rate will escalate exponentially.

The writer is Executive Vice-President, AISECT Group

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