Signal supports encrypted calls

Signal announced that the encrypted messaging app added support for conference video calls for up to five people.

Conference calls can be initiated by clicking the video call button at the top of the supported group chat.

The company says: The calls are end-to-end encrypted, like anything else within Signal.

By default, participants are shown in a grid, but you can scroll up to get the view that focuses on the person currently speaking.

Signal with a limit of five will not replace videoconferencing services, such as Zoom, anytime soon, but the company says it is working to increase the maximum number of participants in calls over time.

Group video calls are available for Android and iOS, and are currently limited to the new-style group chats within Signal, and will not appear in old chats.

And the company wrote in a blog post: Conference calling is one of the many features we designed with special Signal groups in mind as the basis for this feature, and we used our RingRTC library to handle encryption, call settings and how to join them.


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