Sibling disagreements on their way to independence

It happens that the siblings in adolescence differ, and despite the sour atmosphere due to the differences, there are several benefits that result from these problems, which cause an atmosphere of tension, as the psychologist Hussein Al Nasser explained that families must understand the needs of the teenager and the changes that occur to him. At this age, he sees himself as unique and not as one, throughout the early, middle and late teenage years, which begin with puberty and end with adulthood. Adolescence has a physiological beginning and a social end, and leads to their path to independence.

The benefits of the differences

Disagreements help brothers to learn to communicate with each other, and with people of a similar age and situation, in a way that contributes to forming their personalities, learning how to make friends, external communication and dealing with problems that they may encounter.

It is an opportunity to learn important life skills, such as how to solve problems and settle disputes, manage empathy with others, confront different opinions, express their needs, set boundaries, compromise, manage negotiations, apologize and reconcile when making a mistake.


Al-Nasser added that parents should not be frustrated by the behavior of sons and daughters, or if any problems arise between them, but rather it is necessary to think about developing appropriate solutions to resolve these differences, and support adolescents and adolescents so that things do not get worse.

He says that parents do not have to become frustrated or upset by the outbreak of disputes between their children, but rather they must work on laying the foundations for managing the conflict within the family, and supporting children in finding ways to solve problems and ensure that things do not get worse.


Parents should not intervene every time, but rather let the children solve their problems among themselves in order to learn important life skills, but parents set limits to prevent violence. Intervention can be made if the son or girl needs help in solving the problem, guiding them to know what each of them wants, and encouraging them to think, so that each person achieves his goals and meets his needs.

• Adolescence problems lead to independence

• Disagreements are an opportunity to learn important skills

Parents should not permanently interfere


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