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In a qualitative step to support Saudi talents, over three continuous days in Al-Khobar, and within the ongoing joint cooperation between the General Entertainment Authority and the M.A. Academy. with me. C”, “Show your talent and join us on our creative journey”, which is the largest entertainment program to attract and train Saudi talents, will be launched.

It aims to discover, attract and inspire the most prominent talents in the media and entertainment sectors, from August 30 to September 1. This initiative aims to cover most regions of the country through several stations, and will have a major role in discovering thousands of talented Saudis, and training them under the supervision of a group of experts in the fields of acting, filmmaking, programming, poetry, and design, in addition to launching a number of events and accompanying workshops. In addition to the dialogue and inspiring sessions, where “Journey” is one of the largest development programs aimed at discovering and attracting national talents in the media and entertainment sectors, and working on refining them, to keep pace with excellence.

This initiative toured most of the Kingdom’s regions across several regions, as part of a strategy aimed at attracting young Saudi talents, investing in their skills and talents, and stimulating and refining their creativity.


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