Short and curly hairstyles stand out

Short and curly hairstyles dominate the trend during the current season, and the technical director of the Association of Hairdressers, Roberto Laraya, explained that the focus of hairstyles is currently on the topic of energy, which extends like a red thread in all directions, and under this heading she returned Curly hairstyles are now widely spread under the slogan “Rock Curls”.

The “curly” hairstyle is one of the popular hairstyles during the fall season, and hairdresser Shan Rahim Khan referred to another topic in the current hairstyles fashion; And it’s the polishing, which adds the needed shine to curly and wavy hair.

And the clearest several ways to polish hair, where luster can be obtained through the use of colored pigments, and this is done by mixing cream color and hair color developer with a softener, and then it is applied to the hair, and instead of that you can buy a colorless polish, which works to soften The outer layer of the hair, which ensures better light reflection.

Hair stylist Roberto Laraia added that the focus is on short hairstyles also during the fall season, and various variations of the Undone hairstyle appear, with which the hair appears to be un-styled, and all that has been done is just passing the fingers of the hand through it.


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