Shop owners: Customers are keen on guiding lighting and “making sure” helps the information to be correct

A number of lighting store owners have praised the awareness campaign launched by the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center under the name (# Save _ and Anwar), which aims to define with a view to the behaviors that must be followed to save on lighting consumption, whether before purchasing the lighting product by focusing on the highest efficiency or after installing the product by following simple behaviors that ensure the achievement of Energy saving.

Low demand halogen bulbs

A lighting shop owner said that the demand for old (halogen) lamps reached 1 percent, and in return the demand for LED lamps, which are characterized by saving in electricity consumption, increased.

Great buy for guiding lighting

The owner of one of the lighting stores added that most customers want to buy LED lamps, not only because they are guiding, but also because they are characterized by cold lighting, unlike the old (halogen) lighting, which is characterized by a high temperature.

Read energy efficiency label

One of the employees in the lighting shops said that there has been a behavior and a directive from customers to read the energy efficiency card on the bulb carton before purchasing it, and also they are keen to obtain the bulbs with the highest rating that are on the green line.

Awareness-raising role

And one of the lighting store owners stated that he is keen to educate customers to obtain the lighting that has the highest rating away from the price and guarantee that some customers are looking for, adding that customers’ desires to obtain lighting (LED) are more than the old lighting (halogen).

Verify application role

The owner of lighting stores said that many customers, when they want to buy many lamps and in large quantities, verify the information on lighting boxes through the (Verify) application, which shows the correctness of the information on the lighting product.


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