Shifa..a billion girl at the age of ten

Many children’s channels on YouTube enjoy wide fame and great interaction, as some families take advantage of their children’s talents to create these channels to present videos that show aspects of their private lives and the activities they practice for financial purposes.

Although the child does not realize that financial goal that his fame can achieve, he does not hide his happiness with the fame he obtains and the entertainment content it provides.

The average profit rate from YouTube per thousand views ranges between 30 cents and up to 3 dollars, but of course there are YouTube channels that earn less than 30 cents per thousand views, and there are other channels on the same platform that earn more than 3 dollars per thousand views, It can reach up to $10 per thousand views.

Some sociologists confirmed that this phenomenon is an explicit exploitation of childhood, while others believe that it supports their talents. However, many famous children do not display their talents through automatic thoughts and actions that follow children find entertaining, but in turn, they affect their behavior and behavior To imitate their favorite “YouTubers”, even in the way he speaks.

One of the most famous Arab YouTubers is the Emirati girl, Shefaa, who is not over the age of ten, with 31.7 million subscribers to her YouTube channel so far. The number of views of the highest video on her channel reached 308 million!

The average number of views since the beginning of the channel’s opening in 2015 until this writing, has reached more than 17 billion views!

According to estimates, the number of subscribers to her channel in 2026 is expected to reach approximately 213 million subscribers.

A list of the most popular “Arab YouTubers” according to the number of subscriptions so far

– healing

The channel has 31.7 million subscribers

– mourning family

The number of subscriptions to the channel is 20.3 million

– Noor Stars

The channel has 18 million subscribers

– Abu Fella

The number of subscriptions to the channel is 17.8 million

– Ansala family

The number of subscriptions to the channel is 12.3 million

– Nazi

Number of subscriptions to the channel 11.4 million

– Bandar Tax

The number of subscriptions to the channel is 10.1 million

– Joe Hattab

The number of subscribers to the channel is 8.11 million

– feel

The channel has 6.79 million subscribers

Badr gang

The channel has 6.48 million subscribers

– Osms

The channel has 5.64 million subscribers

Saud and his brothers

The number of subscriptions to the channel is 5.45 million.


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