Sherihan’s comment on Coco Chanel

Egyptian actress Sherihan issued her first comment on her return to the stage, after an absence of 20 years, in a play entitled “Coco Chanel”. “: “This is me”.

theatrical move

“Sherihan” added, in her comment on a previous tweet by the media personality, Lamis Al-Hadidi: “I am happy, happy and proud that I was able to make you happy with a respectable happiness worthy of the honor of waiting for you, your love, respect and appreciation, Lamis.”

She continued, “This is how in my eyes, my heart, my blood, and my thought, art must be and must be, without any compromise in everything and anything.”

Lamis said in her tweet: “Coco Chanel is an unprecedented theatrical move that puts the Egyptian theater in a new place comparable to international theaters, in directing, production, writing, movement and decoration.”

And she added, “The accuracy of the details is impressive, as for the icon Sherihan, the absence made her shine and glare. This is another shrihan in a unique place that is made of suffering.”

Excellent work

Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh announced the return of the great artist “Sherihan” to the theater after an absence of years, in an event sponsored by the General Authority for Entertainment, June 2 through his official account on the “Twitter” platform, where he posted a promo commenting: “Wait… the great star Sherihan returns to the spotlight after an absence.” Years of distinguished work on the “Shahid” platform, sponsored by the Saudi Entertainment Authority.

For her part, the star “Sherihan” commented, and republished the promo revealed by Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh about her return to artistic work again after an absence of years, where she wrote through her official account on “Twitter”: “Hard work .. I hope that Shahidvod fans will like it.” And MBC all over the world, and my beloved audience.. Congratulations.”


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