Sentenced to prison, a Saudi YouTuber, who planted hashish in his Dubai apartment

A Dubai court issued a verdict against a YouTube activist, serving him with a 6-month prison sentence, for consuming hashish. According to the English-language Emirati newspaper, Gulf News, the main accusation against the young man was planting hashish in his apartment.

Last Sunday, the Dubai Court of First Instance heard the case of the 18-year-old, influential young man on social media, who was arrested inside his apartment in February of last year while consuming hashish, along with a number of suspects, and then they were later referred to the court .

According to official records, the Anti-Narcotics Department of Dubai Police received a report regarding the possession of the drug by the Saudi suspect. A security source in Dubai Police said that the defendant, who has millions of subscribers to his YouTube channel and a large number of his followers on Instagram, was arrested along with two young men and a minor. “We found 8.29 grams of tobacco mixed with hashish,” the source explained.

He added, “We found a plastic bag inside the refrigerator containing about 82 grams of hashish.” The source confirmed that the officers found in the living room a device for growing three “marijuana” plants, which is the narcotic weed plant.

The security source said: “The young man admitted that he had found the seeds and planted them.” The three plants were 60 cm tall and weighed 405 grams, according to the records.


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