Selling the home of French poets threatens a cultural project

An offer to sell the London house that witnessed the romance between French poets Artur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine posed a threat to the project to turn this house into an art site.

And Rambo and Ferlin, who are considered myths of French poetry in the nineteenth century, stayed for several months in 1873 in this house in the Camden neighborhood in the north of the British capital.

This house witnessed the separation of the two lovers after slapping Farlin Rambo with a fish. And the story of their affair turned into a movie in 1995 called “Total Eclipse”, in which Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed the role of Rimbaud and David Thulis de Ferlin.

The house was offered for sale for 1.75 million pounds (about two million euros), although its current owner, Michael Corby, had expressed his support for a project to turn it into a “house of poetry” open to visitors and to organize cultural activities.

The British Foundation, which is already organizing artistic activities, plans to transform the house into an open space to the public, including a café and library.

And the house was put up for sale last October, according to the real estate ads website “Right Move”, but the descriptive text of the house did not include any indication of the identity of its famous old occupants.


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