Selfie Museum impresses young people

The “Useum” museum dedicated to selfies in Sweden has changed the traditional idea about museums, as it offers its visitors the opportunity to take selfies in colorful and decorated rooms.

Artworks do not fill the walls of the Museum in Stockholm, but its colorfully decorated rooms are designed to serve as backgrounds for visitors to take selfies or videos.

As for the price of entry ticket to it, it is similar to the price of those designated for amusement parks, as it is about 32 dollars.

“A visitor can take unique pictures and create unique content for his page on Instagram… This is a perfect place for Tik Tok users,” museum director Sophia Makinami told AFP, standing next to an “emoji room” filled with blue and yellow balls with smiling faces and scowls.

other rooms

Other rooms allow visitors to dive into colorful foam, stand under strong neon lights, or sit on a floral swing, all with the aim of taking pictures and posting them on social media.

The young woman, Zainab Al-Mani, 18, who is visiting the museum with a group of her friends, says, “The appropriate lighting, tik tok music and crackers are available, as the place offers everything we like.”

She notes that she was impressed by the “2020 era” atmosphere prevailing in the museum.

Makiniyami believes that the Museum of “Useum” allows visitors to be artists, although the influencer on social media may not consider that his images fall within the framework of the artwork.

She adds, “It is an interactive museum where you can create the art you want to see.”


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