Secularism, the offensive of Jean-Michel Blanquer

On the eve of a new school year plagued by health uncertainties, especially in the first degree, where students are too young to be vaccinated, Jean-Michel Blanquer seeks to impose another subject, which is one of his favorite files: laicity.

Posting and interventions on the Internet and social networks… Less than a year after the assassination of Samuel Paty, the Minister of Education will launch a communication campaign on Monday August 30, aimed at students of all ages and parents , teachers and public opinion more broadly.

Jean-Michel Blanquer says he wanted to build on “Everyday situations”. On the posters, we see students in class, at the library, at the swimming pool … And slogans that present secularism as a vector of emancipation, the very condition for the expression of individual freedoms: “Allowing Eryn and Edene to be equal in everything”, “Allow Milhan and Aliyah to laugh at the same stories”, “Allow Sacha and Naissa to be in the same bath”… Each formula is followed by these few words: “This is secularism”.

Secularism is now the subject of debate in the teachers’ room

“This campaign appears all the more relevant as there is no longer unanimity on questions of secularism in the teachers’ rooms”, considers Alain Seksig. The secretary general of the Council of Elders of Secularism refers to a recent Ifop-Fondation Jean Jaurès survey. The study shows that teachers under 30 say they are much more open to wearing religious symbols – including by public service agents – than their elders and the rest of the population.

In any case, this campaign complements other initiatives. Thus, all the establishments will receive these days a box entitled “Republican Guide”, which includes in particular a vade-mecum on secularism at school. Likewise, during their oral examinations, future teachers will now also be questioned on their ability to share the values ​​of the Republic. The training of teachers is set to evolve from this start of the school year, in line with the recent recommendations of Jean-Pierre Obin, inspector general who, in 2004, had warned of the dangers of radical Islam at school. .

Respect for the values ​​of the Republic and the prevention of radicalization are also part – along with the fight against harassment and violence – of the “royal squares”, these specialized teams deployed in each academy this coming back to school.

Weigh on the presidential debate

In parallel to his ministerial action, Jean-Michel Blanquer also discreetly set up a think tank (think tank) provisionally called “The Republican Lab”. “Beyond reflection, it is a question of multiplying initiatives for a concrete Republic, a generous secularism”, slips the European deputy LREM Ilana Cicurel, engaged in the adventure.

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This laboratory of ideas could bring together other supporters of a strengthened secularism, such as Jean-Pierre Chevènement or Caroline Fourest. He should contribute to the debate on secularism during the presidential election. And whatever the outcome, could guarantee Jean-Michel Blanquer a point of political expression, with an anchoring going conveniently beyond the borders of LREM.


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