Searching for attention implicates teenage girls in posting their photos

The concern to attract attention and the need to compliment some young teenage girls by sending their pictures to followers or publishing them also on the Snapchat application, in a perception that specialists warned that it may be misused that makes teenage girls into several problems, asking parents to pay attention to the matter, and try to satisfy their desires within the vicinity Family, and away from the traps of predators that may cause great troubles.

Appropriate action

One of the teenage girls took the initiative to send her pictures on social media to a person who has a lot of followers, so he took the initiative to ask his followers about the appropriate behavior towards her act, and how to avoid her sending a picture to another person who might exploit it badly. Commenting on that, the psychiatry specialist at Madina Medical Complex explained In Qurayyat, Dr. Hoda Al-Bashir, with regard to teenage girls and publishing their photos on the snap, especially some pictures that they deliberately send to some followers, especially the elderly among them, the teenager feels that she needs to attract attention and is obsessed with an obsession and a passion for photography and then feels satisfied with her need for praise and self-confirmation from her point of view.


Psychologist Haifa Al-Qusayr said, “Many adolescent girls acquire a negative image of their bodies and feel lonely and distrustful, and seek in several ways to satisfy this deficiency, which is confirmed by the increasing frequency of beauty clinics of young age groups, and the publication of private pictures with the aim of evaluating oneself through the opinions of others on the sites. Virtualization ».

Parental responsibility

With regard to protection and who is responsible, Al-Qusayr said, “All educational and health authorities agree that the responsibility to protect from Internet damage in general rests with parents who must limit the use of phones and the Internet until the age of ten, and children should not have a communication site of their own until The age of 13 years, with the constant awareness of parents on teenagers and the danger of using pictures and displaying them on communication sites, especially Snapdragon, which most adolescents believe are immune from penetration ».

Legal angle

Lawyer and legal advisor Talal Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi explained, “As for teenage girls – who are minors, of course, by virtue of the regime – who photograph themselves, the matter differs according to the nature of the images in terms of whether they are pictures that are offensive to modesty and public taste or affect others or are they ordinary pictures, and in a case they are exploited by another party with the intention Extortion and bargaining, here a criminal case is submitted to the prosecution by the aggrieved party.

Tougher punishment for extortionists

Taking care of children and raising them properly

Society joined forces with all its institutions to increase girls’ awareness

Legalization of social media by the official authorities

Holding workshops for girls to demonstrate to them in practice how to deal with extortion


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