Sean Connery and James Bond, the story of a role that sticks too much to the skin

PORTRAIT – The Scottish actor, who died at the age of 90, was the first to don the costume of the British spy in 1962. For his glory and also for his misfortune.

He only had to raise an eyebrow to enter the legend. Sean Connery was the first performer of James Bond. The first to appear in the cinema in this gun barrel which opened the credits of the saga. The first to dodge the bullets and respond, armed with his Walther PPK, leaving the screen to fill with blood.

What a paradox for this Scotsman, ardent defender of the independence of his nation for nearly 40 years, to have embodied in the eyes of the whole world this smart Englishman, secret agent of MI6 holding the license to kill. James Bond owes his resounding success to the actor; Sean Connery owes his universal glory to 007. But the marriage was far from perfect.

The actor readily acknowledged that “James Bond is a perfect hedonist. His senses are always alert listening to the outside world. He loves wines, women, food. He’s pretty amoral actually, he described. I also admire his taste for combat. And I even think I managed to give it some meaning

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