Scientific Center: Monkeypox outbreak most important to follow

Today, Wednesday, the Russian Government Scientific Center “Victor” announced that human infection with “monkeypox” is today the most important priority in terms of follow-up and monitoring, as this disease (virus) is able to spread and spread rapidly in societies and countries.

Russian experts working in “Victor” told “Sputnik” agency: “The American medical authorities recorded in Texas an infection of monkeypox in a citizen who recently came from Nigeria,” explaining: “This phenomenon has returned after 20 years of its absence.”

The experts added: “The apparent increase in the number of monkeypox cases among humans in different regions has been observed in recent years, and the possibility of its spread is strong. The lack of reliable surveillance of the disease makes us sound the alarm to prepare the medical authorities to monitor this disease.”

Regarding the disease and its symptoms, the experts of the Russian laboratory revealed that it usually begins with a headache, muscle pain, fever, and a rash that develops within days after the onset of fever, noting that “the main vector and spreader of infection in nature is rodents. Also, transmission is limited from one person to another through coughing and personal belongings.”

Regular cases of monkeypox have been observed in Africa in recent years, with 3 cases recorded in Britain in 2021, 1 in Singapore in 2019, and 3 other cases in 2018.


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