Schemes used by cybercriminals

Experts at a global digital security company have analyzed spam emails and COVID-19-related phishing pages designed to steal login credentials of Internet users’ accounts, to improve their understanding of how fraudsters exploit this challenge.

Various bogus payment offers and discounted coronavirus checks are among the most exploitative schemes used by cybercriminals.

In addition to the spread of fake QR codes, which allow obtaining vaccination certificates and negative tests, to enter restaurants and public events.

The month of March 2021 witnessed the peak of fraud, and this month.

Kaspersky recommends that users follow the following measures to avoid becoming victims of phishing attempts:

• Be skeptical of any promotions that seem overly generous.

• Do not follow links in suspicious emails, instant messaging applications or social networks.

• Always check the integrity of any unknown website you visit.

• Use a reliable security solution, which identifies malicious attachments and blocks phishing sites.


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