Saving an Iraqi pilgrim from hemiplegia

A specialized team in Makkah Al Mukarramah Health Community, represented by the Neurosurgery Center in King Abdullah Medical City, succeeded in removing a bleeding migratory tumor in the brain of an Iraqi patient in his twenties who had come to perform Umrah. The medical team explained that the patient had suffered a seizure with semi-total paralysis on the left side of the body and an inability to walk or use the hand. He was first received at Ajyad Hospital and the necessary emergency medical service was provided, and then he was urgently transferred to the Medical City as an emergency. All the necessary tests were carried out, including CT scans and MRI, which showed the presence of a migrating and bleeding brain tumor adjacent to the functional area of ​​​​the brain and requires surgical intervention.

Surgical intervention

The surgical intervention was carried out using a microscope, navigation and kinetic stimulation device from a team consisting of a consultant neurosurgeon and functional surgery Dr. Essam Rizk, a consultant neurosurgeon and epilepsy surgeon Dr. Khaled Al-Orabi, Dr. Balqis Ajlan and Dr. Abdulaziz Basura from neurosurgery, anesthesia Dr. Muhammad Sayed Al-Ahl and neuromonitoring Dr. Osama Shams. The medical team indicated that the presence of the tumor in an area adjacent to the functional movement area in the brain increases the risk of permanent weakness or paralysis, but with the presence of the cerebral cortex stimulation technique through which functional areas are identified and avoided during surgical intervention.

The operation was successful and without complications, and after the follow-up of the patient, his health condition gradually improved and he was able to walk normally and he was discharged from the hospital.

thanks and gratitude

The Iraqi pilgrim Ali Satwan (20 years) and his relatives expressed their deep thanks and gratitude to the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for their care for the guests of the House of God and for harnessing all possibilities to perform their rituals with ease and ease. Thankfully, he is currently in good health after receiving full medical services and reassuring the medical staff about my condition.


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