Save Texas marine turtles from freezing

Volunteers in coastal Texas have rescued thousands of sea turtles from freezing waters and beaches during the historic winter storm, and are working creatively to house them as much of the area remains without electricity.

Texas shores have hosted nearly 4,500 sea turtles since Sunday, according to an official tweet from an official Texas Parks and Wildlife Reserve account. The continuous cold temperatures indicate the possibility of more turtles arriving throughout the day, prompting the need to move to a third storage facility, according to the reserve’s executive director. With more bad weather approaching, the neighborhood estimates that the first turtles ready to return to the water will not be released until Saturday. It is worth noting, that cold-blooded organisms are particularly susceptible to severe weather because they are unable to regulate their body temperature.

When water temperatures drop below about 50 degrees, sea turtles remain awake but lose their ability to move, a condition called “cold stun” that often results in death from injury, stranding, or drowning.


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