Saudi universities in the USNEWS world ranking

10 Saudi universities, out of 30 government universities in the Kingdom, have been ranked on the USNEWS world ranking, and King Abdulaziz University ranked first in the Arab world and locally and 42 in the world among more than 1,000 international universities.

University ranking

King Saud University ranked 312, Petroleum University ranked 536, King Saud University for Health Sciences ranked 1156, Taibah University ranked 1221, King Khalid University ranked 1285, Imam Abdulrahman University ranked 1396, Taif University ranked 1476, while Umm Al-Qura University ranked 1491.

Accurate comparisons

The classification is based on bibliometric information and research criteria, provided by the Scopus database of Elsevier Research Intelligence. The classification focuses on the outputs and performance of the university’s academic research. The place to study their children.

Approved classification

The classification is based on QS scientific standards, which made it one of the best Saudi universities, including the academic reputation of the university’s education, which takes 40% of the final total, and also represents the university’s reputation standard for business institutions, which takes 10%, and includes publication rates and researchers ’citations in the world. With research submitted by researchers and academics at the university, it takes the percentage of 20% and also the criterion for the ratio of students to faculty members, and it takes the percentage of 20%, and includes the criterion of the proportion of foreign students attracted, as it constitutes 5%, and finally the percentage of foreign faculty members and represents 5%.

University rankings

The world ranking of universities is considered one of the most important criteria, to judge their strategic performance and determine the features of their future longevity. There are several institutions with a prestigious reputation that work to classify universities internationally at the university, specialization and program level, according to several approved criteria, which are in the “Times and Ques” classifications.

Common standards

Some of the two classification criteria are common, for example the academic reputation standard for learning among business enterprises is of great importance to the two classifications, with the difference in the ratio of the criterion to the two classifications, and the two classifications also agreed on the criterion of the ratio of faculty members to students, and the criteria for the ratio of foreign students attracted and foreign faculty members in both classifications .


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