“Saudi Standards”…a new international recognition for measurement and calibration services

The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization continued its ambitious plan for the technical services provided by the National Center for Measurement and Calibration to obtain international recognition. Time, frequency, and field length measurements.

With this international recognition, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has guaranteed the sequence and compatibility of its international units of measurement “SI” with international units of measurement, and this international recognition also means that the calibration certificates issued by the National Center for Measurement and Calibration are internationally recognized in all advanced industrial countries, which will be It has a significant impact on the economic level by raising the level of trade exchange, and the flow of goods and products to and from global markets.

The “Saudi Standards” explained that this recognition contributes to supporting the quality infrastructure, and enhances the Kingdom’s regional and international leadership in the field of measurement and calibration, which enhances support for the national economy system by achieving metrological reference to the measurement tools used in the Kingdom.

It is noteworthy that the National Center for Measurement and Calibration is one of the most developed regional and international centers in this field, and provides a range of metrological services to its partners from the governmental and private sectors in the Kingdom and the countries of the world, as it conducts about 2,400 calibrations annually for measuring devices in various fields, and includes 30 specific laboratories Specialized, and employs more than 80 Saudi specialists of national competencies.


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