“Saudi Exports” launches the first forum for strategic accounts

The Saudi Export Development Authority launched the first strategic accounts forum in the presence of 42 strategic accounts from leading national companies with high export capacity from the authority’s clients, in the sectors (food, building materials, packaging and consumer products) in addition to a number of representatives of government agencies such as (Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture) The Food and Drug Authority, Halal Center, SABIC, and the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization), held in Riyadh during the period 24-28 October 2021 AD.

The forum comes as the Saudi Export Development Authority seeks to achieve its main strategic objectives to encourage the Saudi export system through the programs and initiatives it adopts, as it is keen to improve the efficiency of the export environment and export support services, through continuous work with all relevant authorities to raise knowledge of export practices. The development of human competencies in the field, in addition to raising the export readiness of the targeted enterprises, facilitating the creation of appropriate export opportunities and markets for enterprises, increasing the appearance of Saudi products in front of the target groups, and facilitating linking exporters with potential buyers and partners, all of which contribute to encouraging Saudi products and services and raising their competitiveness to reach To international markets to reflect the position of the Saudi product, and to be a tributary to the national economy.

The forum includes a number of specialized workshops according to the main sectors to spread export knowledge and exchange experiences, allowing the room to discuss the submitted Saudi exports, and to raise questions from national companies regarding strategic accounts and answer them, which contributes to creating a state of integration in providing services, developing them and benefiting from them. From all the experiences and practices provided by the Authority to keep pace with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

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