“Saudi Electricity” reviews investment opportunities for electrical industries with Japanese companies

The Saudi Electricity Company confirmed that supporting and promoting local content in the electrical industries in the Kingdom is at the forefront of its goals and aspirations. She explained that, as part of its strategy, it has developed a number of initiatives and programs for localizing electrical industries, aimed at transferring modern technologies into the Kingdom.

This came during a seminar held by the company today, in cooperation with the Ministry of Investment, and in coordination with the Japanese Cooperation Center for the Middle East (JCCME), entitled “Building program for the localization of electrical industries, registration and qualification mechanisms in the“ Saudi Electricity ”, where the company reviewed a number of investment opportunities in electrical industries , With a group of Japanese companies, in the presence of a number of specialists, interested persons and businessmen.

During the seminar presented by the business development analyst at the “Saudi Electricity”, Engineer Muhannad Al-Malki, the company reviewed investment opportunities for electrical industries, registration and qualification mechanisms. The company also shed light on the localization program “Bena” for building and employing national capabilities, and the goals that the “Saudi Electricity” aspires to achieve. During the coming period, and the initiatives that contributed to the localization of a number of equipment and electrical industries, noting that the symposium also aims to strengthen the company’s supply chains, and to attract foreign investments through the localization of industry, services and modern technologies.

The company indicated that it has about 250 investment opportunities for electrical industries and about 86 opportunities in support services, which investors and businessmen can resettle in light of the company offering a competitive advantage of up to 10%, with the aim of supporting and encouraging contractors, manufacturers and suppliers, to increase the contribution to raising the local content of the industries. electrical.

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