Saudi artists develop designs for the HUAWEI WATCH 3 interface

With the increasing demand for smart watches, their multiplicity of uses, and to allow users to shine and stand out from the crowd, Huawei collaborated with Saudi artists to highlight the creativity of the new (HUAWEI WATCH 3) series, which features interfaces with customizable design, making it the perfect device to maintain a lifestyle Active all year round. The artists are Rex Chuck and Espod, and in this regard, artist Rex Chuck said: “All of my artwork is inspired by pop culture and the concept of parallel worlds. For those characters, my first idea was inspired by fictional characters, where I combined the sun in different colors with one of my characters called (Yunnchoomy), and the second design is a female character called (7uni) with the two ideas presented in my desert design.”

Artist Espod said: “I have a great passion for transparent automatic watches and I am really amazed by the way they are made, engineered and designed, but I also love plants, coffee and emoji used in conversations and used all of that in my first idea. ) used in hair homes, which reflects its elegance and unique style.


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