Saudi Arabia celebrates health heroes in Prince of Poets

While the Saudi poet, Hawra Al-Hamili, qualified for the final round of the Prince of Poets competition held in Abu Dhabi, after obtaining 70% of the audience’s votes, to compete with 5 poets for the title of “Prince of Poets”, Al-Hamili celebrated the champions of health, by presenting a poem honoring the champions of health And their heroism in confronting the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Epidemic spread

The members of the jury in the competition praised the poem, describing its verses as beautiful, which simulates the spread of the epidemic, which is the talk of the hour, explaining that the poet was able in the verses of the poem to cope with social life, which is what poetry should be. They added that the poem is a tribute to the heroes of the first line of defense, and the poet added to the honor that is due to these heroes, a strong poetic and philosophical dye on the position of the poet or poet, from what is happening today and this is the role of poetry.

White army

They said: The speech in the poem witnessed the two moments of the pandemic and the response from the angels of mercy, and the first line of defense in confronting and confronting it. The first is to salute the white army and the angels of mercy, and for their great efforts in facing the pandemic. It is noteworthy that Al-Hamili won the highest score for the jury, which is 28 out of 30, and is awaiting the public vote for the current week.


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