Sattam University and Intellectual Property are in joint cooperation to support the data service process

Prince Sattam University in Al-Kharj and the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property in Al-Kharj Governorate signed a cooperation agreement regarding the university’s accession to the national network for intellectual property. For intellectual property.

The agreement aims for Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University to join the Intellectual Property Support Centers at the authority, to enable access and benefit from technical and scientific expertise, in addition to providing assistance in researching intellectual and technical property databases and analyzing them to meet technical and business needs, in addition to raising knowledge of the advantages of intellectual property rights. In general, and patent information in particular.

The agreement seeks to define procedures for hosting intellectual property support centers, to ensure that beneficiaries have access to services designed, according to their technical and information needs, by establishing a national network of intellectual property support centers in the hosting authorities, and this agreement also defines the services and tasks of the network of intellectual property support centers, their formation, organization and conditions Governing its implementation and management.


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