“SAR” introduces passenger access options in cooperation with Uber

The Saudi Railways “SAR”, in cooperation with the Saudi Uber Company Ltd., announced the launch of the “Transportation of passengers to and from its stations” service on its flights using the application, with the aim of facilitating the process of transporting customers from SAR stations to their final destinations.

The new service, in its first phase, under the partnership agreement signed for two years, covers stations (Riyadh – North Train, Qassim, Riyadh – Eastern Train, Hofuf, Dammam). Qurayyat, Abqaiq).

This service enables SAR customers to make their reservations for the service directly using the Uber application; This is before they reach the station to enable them to arrive safely, quickly and comfortably at their final destinations.

The service, provided in cooperation between “Sar” and “Uber”, will enhance the level of transportation services for SAR passengers and its direct contribution to saving time and effort on them. According to the agreement, 3 sites will be allocated to transport passengers to users of the Uber application, in the arrival area of ​​the stations, all of which are equipped with systems Guidelines for directing SAR customers the moment they arrive to designated reception locations.

In the same context, SAR will work with Uber jointly with the aim of strengthening the existing partnership between them within SAR stations as well as on trains and the website, including the application for each of the parties to this agreement, in order to improve the customer experience and encourage them to make advance transfer reservations.

The Senior Executive Vice President for Passenger Transport at SAR, Eng. Khaled Al-Harbi, said that this agreement between “Sar” and “Uber” constitutes an important addition to the entire travel experience via SAR trains, which enables our customers to reach their final destinations with full speed and flexibility. Noting that this agreement is part of Saar’s development plans with the aim of attracting more people wishing to experience the train travel experience, stressing that this step will be followed soon by similar steps in order to enhance the travel experience of our customers, and make it more comfortable, easier and safer through the various travel facilities that we are working on Providing it to them according to the best conditions and the most fulfilling their aspirations.


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