“SAP” enhances the transformation of “Ali Abdul-Wahab Al-Mutawa” … digitally

Ali Abdulwahab Al Mutawa Trading Company revealed that it has signed an agreement with SAP, the world’s leading programming company in the field of enterprise systems, to promote digital transformation and adopt technical solutions and systems for managing human resources and salaries, interacting with employees and evaluating their performance.

The company pointed out that under this agreement, Ali Abdul-Wahab Al-Mutawa approved both the “Success Factors” package as well as the “Human Experience Management” package from “SAP”, which include two basic systems: the employee performance management system and the goal management system. What made it maintain the continuity of its remote business during the Corona pandemic, and the two contracting companies are also currently working on employing other systems, including electronic recruitment, appointment and succession planning systems.

Ali al-Habashi

The Chairman and CEO of Ali Abdul Wahab Al Mutawa, Faisal Ali Al Mutawa, said: “We were able in (Ali Abdul Wahab) Commercial to maintain the continuity of our business during the (Corona) pandemic, by activating some digital transformation systems in cooperation with (SAP) and empowering capabilities. The innovative technology for remote work ».

“Our focus today has become focused on meeting the needs of our employees while working remotely, especially in light of the expansion of our business, especially in the field of e-commerce,” he added. Our employees continue their constructive efforts, and our products and services continue to meet the highest market standards, and pay attention to customer needs, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. ”

For his part, CEO of “SAP” Kuwait, Andy Fromell, said: “The digital transformation process based on (SAP) solutions in (Ali Abdul Wahab Al Mutawa) shows how innovative retail companies can resort to integrated smart reports and programs to create a digital transformation that enhances performance Its employees ».

“Ali Abdul-Wahab Al-Mutawa is considered a smart and innovative institution that benefits from reading immediate indicators to improve services for employees, adapt to developments and circumstances, and ensure continuity in critical situations.”

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