“Sakani”: Issuing 591,000 “real estate transactions” certificates until November

The “sakani” program report for the month of December revealed that 591,426 certificates bearing tax on real estate transactions for the first home were issued from the beginning of the program until the end of last November.

The report indicated that 210,000 families benefited during the month of November, including 169,000 families who resided in their homes, as part of the program’s continuous efforts to enable Saudi families to own the first home, in order to achieve the objectives of the Housing Program – one of the programs of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 – to reach 70% ownership by 2030.

The report showed the developments of construction updates in 82 projects that provide more than 100,000 housing units, varying between apartments, villas and townhouses, which are characterized by the integration of infrastructure and their competitive prices. 180 thousand residential land distributed in various regions and cities of the Kingdom.

The report reviewed the housing and financing solutions provided by the program, which include a subsidized real estate loan in cooperation with banks and financial institutions to purchase ready-made housing units under construction or self-construction for those who own land, and to reserve residential lands within the schemes of the “sakani” program.

It is noteworthy that the “sakani” application and website provide a number of integrated electronic services, starting with registration and knowing the eligibility status immediately, direct reservation of housing options after examining their locations and knowing the financing solutions and their features, “quotes”, real estate advisor service, and “engineering designs”, And the “approved contractor”, and the issuance of building permits to beneficiaries of self-construction and other services, and “sakani” reviews 112 projects that provide about 147,000 housing units, varying between apartments, villas and townhouses, at competitive prices within an integrated residential environment.


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