“Sakani” concludes its exhibition at the headquarters of the Local Content and Government Procurement Authority

The “sakani” program concluded its exhibition, which was organized by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing and the Real Estate Development Fund, at the headquarters of the Local Content and Government Procurement Authority, with the aim of providing its housing and financing services to the authority’s employees, as part of the ongoing efforts of the “sakani” program to facilitate the service of beneficiary families, and to introduce housing options. And the financing it provides to facilitate the ownership of the first home, in addition to providing a number of housing services in partnership with the private sector in one place.

The “Sakani” program explained that the exhibition, which was organized in cooperation with the Local Content and Government Procurement Authority, and lasted for two days at the authority’s headquarters in Riyadh, witnessed the participation of 17 financing bodies. The program enables the completion of the registration process in “sakani”, knowing the status of their entitlement immediately, and providing an integrated explanation of the services

and housing and financing options that enable beneficiaries to obtain housing.

The exhibition also provided the opportunity to meet with the real estate consultant and obtain advice that enables them to own the appropriate housing among the options offered by the program, including the subsidized real estate loan for the purchase of ready and under construction units, the option of self-construction and the option of residential land, in addition to viewing the engineering designs service, and bearing the real estate transaction tax, and interior designs, and other offers and services.

It is noteworthy that the “sakani” program has organized during the last period, in partnership with several governmental and private agencies, a number of exhibitions with the aim of raising awareness of housing and financing options, in order to facilitate the journey of their employees’ acquisition of the first home; In order to achieve the objectives of the Iskan Program (one of the programs of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030) to raise the proportion of home ownership to 70% by 2030.


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