“Sakani”: 55 thousand families benefited from “self-construction” until November

The number of families benefiting from the subsidized real estate loan for the self-construction option from the beneficiaries of the sakani program recorded 55,400 families in all cities and regions of the Kingdom, from the beginning of January to November 2021, among more than 210 thousand families announced by “sakani” that 169,000 families have resided in their homes. Until last November.

This comes as an extension of the program’s efforts to diversify housing options and the financing solutions it provides in partnership with the private sector to facilitate the ownership of its beneficiaries from Saudi families with immediate entitlement and easy and easy procedures according to their desires and needs through its website and application for smart devices, with the aim of increasing residential ownership to 70% by 2030, in order to achieve the targets The Housing Program – one of the programs of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 -.

To obtain the subsidized loan for self-construction, it is required that the citizen be eligible for housing support and possess residential land, a valid building permit, in addition to having a fixed income that enables him to obtain the loan, and not to obtain previous housing support, and to see all the details about benefiting from the self-construction option You can visit the link https://sakani.housing.sa/product/SC.

The sakani program provides a variety of services to beneficiaries of the “self-construction” option, allowing them to choose the executive “engineering designs” that are distinguished by their appropriate prices and high quality, in partnership with a number of national engineering offices to provide a number of modern engineering designs that comply with the Saudi building code, in addition to the “approved contractor” service. To facilitate the implementation of engineering designs for the beneficiaries of “self-construction” and “interior design”.

The “sakani” website and application also displays 112 housing projects under construction that provide more than 147,000 various units (villas, apartments and townhouses) at an average price of 700,000 riyals in all cities and regions of the Kingdom, in addition to 223 housing schemes that provide more than 180,000 residential plots in Most of the cities and governorates of the Kingdom, and their contracts can be viewed and issued electronically, and “sakani” provides a number of residential services, including the issuance of quotations to financing agencies, the real estate advisor service, the “real estate market”, electronic financing and other services.


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