“Sakani”: 13 thousand families benefited from the self-construction option within two months

The number of families benefiting from the subsidized mortgage to take advantage of the self-construction option within the “sakani” program during the last months of January and February exceeded 13 thousand families, as part of the program’s efforts to facilitate the ownership of Saudi families and enable those who own land to build their housing units according to their desires, seeking To raise the percentage of ownership to 70% by 2030 in accordance with the objectives of the housing program – one of the Kingdom’s 2030 vision programs -.

This number comes within the total number of families benefiting from “Sakani” during the past two months, which amounted to 45,764 families who benefited from various financing solutions and housing options provided by the program, of which 31,619 families resided in their homes. The program continues to facilitate ownership options and services through a Sakani site and application through simple procedures. The application can be downloaded via the link http://qrco.de/bbLCv7.

Sakani program also provides engineering design service for beneficiaries wishing to build their lands. “Sakani” website and application provided a service for selecting multiple and varied typical designs of high quality and competitive prices provided by more than 10 engineering offices with experience and competence in this field, to provide more than 30 designs. Distinguished taking into account the quality and modern methods, to meet the various needs and requirements of citizens wishing to build their lands from the beneficiaries of the self-construction option, in the framework of making it easier for citizens and enabling them to obtain innovative typical designs for residential units.

To obtain the subsidized loan for self-construction, it is required that the citizen be entitled to housing support and owns residential land, and a valid building permit, in addition to the availability of a fixed income that enables him to obtain the loan, and not obtaining a previous housing support from the Ministry of Housing or the Real Estate Fund, and for more details about the option Self-construction, you can visit https://sakani.housing.sa/product/SC.

It is noteworthy that, since its launch in 2017 until the end of last year 2020, “Sakani” has been able to serve more than 1.1 million families with various options and housing solutions, of which 424 thousand families have been supported by real estate loans, as “Sakani” aims to serve 220 thousand new families during the year. In 2021, by taking advantage of its options and solutions, the program also continues to provide 217 land plans that include 178,000 plots, in addition to the 95 under construction housing projects that provide more than 141,000 units with a variety of designs and spaces between villas, apartments, townhouses, and houses.

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