Sacha Baron Cohen: “I took Borat out because of Trump. I don’t see the point of doing it again ”

As the reign of the American President comes to an end, the British actor and producer announces his intention to put his character in the closet.

Sacha Baron Cohen may have read Francis Fukuyama’s essay on End of the story. In his own way, the imminent end of the Trump presidency could in his eyes be akin to another fall of the Wall. Because the most caustic actor of his generation is already looking at the end of an era, the end of four interminable years. Black years which were paradoxically a rebirth for the Londoner of almost 50 years, who agreed to mention, in the pages of the last issue of Variety, the wanderings and uncertainties of recent years, and until the release that represented for him the release last October of the sequel to Borat (2006).

Far from being just the whim of an actor returning – fifteen years later – to the role that propelled him to the front of the stage, returning to Borat, his favorite character, seems to have been more than obvious for Sacha Baron Cohen: it was a necessity. The situation demanded the return of this big, mustached and frumpy dadais, this fake Kazakh with an improbable appearance, a veritable walking caricature which is ultimately nothing more than a modern update of the seasoned Usbek de Montesquieu, of course, of all the outrageous impertinence of the 21st century. Hence this sequel to Borat, that nobody expected.

The context was perfect for this. “I felt that democracy was in danger, that people’s lives were in danger», He explains in the columns of Variety. “The film was originally about the danger of Trump and Trumpism. What the coronavirus has demonstrated is that the spread of lies and conspiracy theories is having a devastating effect“.

Borat, anti-Trump catharsis

Despite a complex production and filming – the coronavirus crisis has passed through there – Borat, New Filmed Mission was able to benefit from a worldwide digital release, on the Amazon Prime video platform, two weeks before the US presidential election. This is precisely what Sacha Baron Cohen was looking for. “I don’t mean to selfishly imply that people would watch Borat and vote for Trump, but that was the point“, He admits bluntly.

Preceded by a rowdy advertising campaign, the release of the film – soberly titled Borat, new filmed mission: delivery of stupendous bribes to America’s regime for the benefit of once glorious Kazakhstan nation (sic.) in its full version, got Rudy Giuliani some trouble. The lawyer for the American president was trapped in an embarrassing scene in the company of the actress Maria Bakalova, who plays Borat’s daughter in the film.

The film released, the scandals erupted, the election played and his pet peeve defeated, Sacha Baron Cohen is finally enjoying it. And think about turning the page on this character as boastful as he is grotesque. “I took Borat out because of Trump. This movie had a purpose, and I don’t really see the point of doing it again. So yes … it’s locked in the closet“. Even if it means resuming the costume in the event of the return of the current occupant of the White House?


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