Russian gas: the game is played between France and Germany

The President of the Republic wants Mrs Merkel to stop the construction of the great gas pipeline, very advanced, and very important for Germany, and for us too … if Putin does not release Alexeï Navalny … (The cross of February 2, to be read below). Very good ! But … he does not seem to be paying too much attention to China and human rights which, as everyone knows, do not matter at all for this totalitarian country.

He seems to forget the fate of the unfortunate Uyghur Muslim minority. The horror … Nor the fact that, in this same country, despite this agreement which seems a little naive between the Vatican and China, Christians continue to be persecuted all the more. No, the economy is important. Giving lessons is good, but you should also look at home.

Madeleine Noizet

Under pressure from the Greens, the Germans first abandoned nuclear, a national energy, to fall back on another national energy: lignite, which must now be abandoned because it is ultra-polluting.

Falling back on gas now will combine heavy pollution with heavy dependence on Russia.


Let’s put geopolitics aside for a moment and look at which gas would be the least destructive for our planet. My choice is quickly made when we know the devastating effects of the methods used by the Americans to produce shale gas.


The Germans must convert to the lesser evil, that is to say nuclear energy, Iter and hydrogen. In the meantime they pollute us with fine particles. American shale gas is destroying basements, and Russian gas smells of oligarchy.

Stephane Vincent


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