RUSH FESTIVAL A huge turnout and enthusiastic competition on the first day

The RUSH Festival kicked off today at 4 pm, and will last for 4 days, until October 26, amid a huge crowd turnout, and great enthusiasm among the competitors.

The first day of the festival was very crowded, even before it opened its doors to visitors, as the activities of the first day included: Influencer Giveaways – Hula Hoops – DJ – Tekken – Michael Jackson Show – BMX – Cosplay Show.

The activities of the “RUSH” festival include many diverse events, including organizing the “PUBG Mobile” tournament for the first time in the region, after it moved from Los Angeles to Riyadh, with the participation of 16 teams from different countries, in addition to the activities of “offline” games. In the presence of 14,000 players, they were qualified during the “RUSH” (Online) tournaments over the past two months, to compete for financial prizes.

The festival seeks to present new concepts in the industry of festivals and exhibitions globally, as it gives those interested the opportunity to access, display and experience the latest technologies in the field of electronic games, which is in line with the objectives and commitments of the “Riyadh Season” in providing unique and unprecedented experiences regionally and globally.

The exhibition is considered the largest games fair in the world, as it brings together more than 250 thousand visitors, more than 35 games on 450 game consoles, and live shows in one place, and has prizes worth 100,000 riyals when playing with a second party and winning it, and entering the draw for 100 Rial. The festival also includes 38 restaurants, food trucks and 145 shops.

The exhibition gives gamers a special atmosphere, and a world that only they can understand, as everything that matters to the gamers has been provided, including games, competitions, cosplay, challenges and great prizes.

The age allowed to enter the event is 6 years and above

Ticket prices are inclusive of tax

5-day entry ticket: 200 riyals

5-day entry ticket (fast track): 400 riyals

One day ticket: 50 riyals

One day ticket (fast track): 100 riyals


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